McLaren 570S Specs and Performance

McLaren hasn't fitted the 570S with its hydraulic ProActive setup; instead there are conventional anti-roll bars, and switchable dampers offering Normal, Sport and Track modes.
McLaren 570S Specs and Performance
Brake Steer
As with the Super Series cars, the new Sports Series models will be fitted with McLaren's brake-steer system. It's designed to sharpen the car's turn-in by braking the inside rear wheel on corner entry.

The 570S comes equipped as standard with carbon ceramic brake discs with six-(front) and four-piston (rear) calipers. Bosch has also developed a new Electronic Stability Control system for the car.
McLaren 570S Specs
Rear Diffuser
Sitting below the 570S's integrated rear spoiler is an intricate diffuser designed to maximise air-flow efficiency with help from the car's flat floor. The latter allows for clean air to be fed to the rear of the car and through the diffuser.

The Sports Series is the first McLaren road car to feature aluminium body panels instead of composite or carbonfibre.The change is due to the high production volumes planned. McLaren has given the 570S a "shrinkwrapped" design to carefully channel airflow over every panel. To this end, the C-pillars are a flying buttress design to equalise the areas of low pressure at the rear of the car.

Top Speed
204mph, Faster than a 12C, 3mph slower than a 650S; the 570S is quick.
McLaren 570S Interior
The Sports Series is 11mm longer overall than the Super Series (650S) and its A-pillars have been moved further out, contributing to a longer and wider cabin. In addition, the MonoCell II tub has lower sills and there are larger door openings, so the 570S should offer improved day-to¬day useability. Three different seat types are offered in the Sports Series. A six-way adjustable driver's seat is standard, or there's an eight-way seat for both driver and passenger, or carbon-shelled racing seats.


The 570S hasa fixed aero package that includes a front bumper with a centre-point. This pierces the air to reduce drag and divides the air above and below the car. and to the left and right.

Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres are standard for the 19in (front) and 20in (rear) wheels. A less-extreme P Zero is also available as a no-cost option. There is also a new 14-spoke wheel design.

Along with the revised carbon tub. the front and rear aluminium structures have also been reworked to accommodate the new anti-roll bars fitted to this entry-level McLaren.

The 570S retains "Inertia Push" technology. In Track mode the system harnesses the inertia of the flywheel to deliver a surge of torque when the next gear is engaged.

McLaren 570S Specification
Engine: V8.3799CC. twin-turbo
Power: 562bhp @ 7400rpm
Torque: 4431b ft @ 5000-6500rpm
0-60mph: 3.1sec (claimed)
Top speed: 204mph (claimed)
Weight (dry): 1313kg (435bhp/ton)
Basic price: £143.250
On sale: Late 2015

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